Recipe: Meat Free Week Day 1: Pan fried Beet Pizza


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Okay so I am not a huge meat eater, I enjoy a good steak and some chicken but I am hardly the type of person who cannot enjoy a meal without some meat. In fact, if I have had a meat or braai heavy weekend I usually want a few days of vegetarian eating to recover.

I decided to give Meat free Week a go because humans are consuming more and more meat on average and it puts a lot of strain on our earth. For Monday I tried homemade pizza. It feels like eating junk or takeaway on a weekday, but I made my base with bran flour and used zero oil in the cooking process. As far as cheese goes, a little white cheese never hurt nobody, so I used skim mozzarella.



2 cups self raising bran flour
1 Tablespoon oil
150ml water
125ml fat free milk

For the topping I first soaked sundried tomatoes in some water to rehydrate them, then got two beets and boiled them for around 20mins, slice them into medium slices and pan fry with a little of the water from the sundried tomatoes till they darken. remove from the pan and throw in sliced red onion with balsamic and brown sugar to caramelise. Let the onions stay a little crunchy.


I used basic chilli garlic pasta type sauce for the base, sprinkle over the mozzarella then go in with your beets, caramelised red onion, sundried tomatoes torn up and mushrooms. Done! Pop into the oven for 20 – 30 mins and you got yourself a very delicious vegetarian pizza. Everyone knows goats cheese goes really well with beets so you could add that in your pizza as well.

I served it with a side salad of mixed leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, apple and camembert. I coated it with a simple honey balsamic dressing. Yum.

Davines Hair Refresher and Melu shampoo and conditioner reviews


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Does anyone else have this problem, my brain starts feeling creative when my body is exhausted. This makes getting a good nights rest an issue because my mind is buzzing. I don’t like “wasting” my weekends by sleeping too much, so I’m not going to catch up any time soon, we will see how this plays out. I don’t feel like a zombie or anything though, just a bit tense. Nothing a good hot stone massage won’t fix.


Anyway, this was my first time using anything from Davines, I have heard many good things about the products though. Davines are an Italian brand and they pride themselves on using natural high quality ingredients in all their products (they’re also Cruelty Free). It is exclusively available in Salons, mine were sent for review from Synergy Exceptional Hair in Kloof.

I received the Melu mellow Anti-breakage Lustrous Shampoo, Melu Mellow Anti-breakage Lustrous conditioner and Hair Refresher. Let’s just get this out of the way, I love this shampoo and conditioner, I think it is the best pair I have ever used. It was like the first time I bought Calvin Klein underwear. The shampoo and conditioner are a pale green colour and are meant for long or damaged hair.


Davines Melu shampoo 250ml R355

The shampoo contains spinach extract and smells delicious, it leaves my hair feeling gently cleansed and I could get away with a single shampoo from this although I am a big fan of the double shampoo. The conditioner looks like a delicious tub of pudding and I always get a little carried away when using my spoon or spatula to scoop product out. It contains apricot butter and is thick and creamy in consistency, it is a rather luxurious conditioner and I have fine hair that has a habit of falling flat so I use this on my lengths and rub the excess onto the rest of my hair.


Davines Melu conditioner 250ml R406

I am basically guaranteed a good hair day when I use this, without adding anything else. I have straight, long and fine hair so I don’t even bother with a hair dryer. When I use this combo my hair is silky soft and I want to stroke it all day. As for the anti-breakage bit, I have seen significantly less fall out since I started using this and my hair feels a lot stronger.


Davines hair refresher R260

I have been using the hair refresher on second or third day hair, to give it a volume boost and soak up any excess oil. I love the fresh scent of it and that it also absorbs any odours, like food smells which can really cling to your hair if you’ve been cooking. If you spray it too close to dark hair it does leave some white residue though, so be mindful of that. It isn’t a major issue for me though, I just flip my hair over and comb it out anyway.

Thank you Synergy, I have really enjoyed using these. You can find the salon on 15 Village rd, Kloof. Follow them on twitter @hair_synergy

I got a Make-up MOB makeover


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I had heard about Make-up MOB taking up residence in Musgrave centre and Ushaka but never actually visited the store. There was a lot of buzz on twitter and the Squad at Make-Up MOB along with SA Bloggers offered for me to come in and have my make-up done.

Make-Up MOB Musgrave Durban

It all worked out perfectly, I went in on a Saturday knowing I had to go straight to High Tea at Lola’s Coffee Shop in Umhlanga afterwards as part of my SA Bloggers reviews for March. After that I had a family Wedding Reception to attend. The worst is having a beautiful full face of make-up done and having nowhere to go and nothing to do so I was chuffed that I would be able to put my glam look to good use.

make-up MOB musgrave durban

Zara was my Make-up artist for the day and I had a few requests for her, I neeeded make-up that would easily transcend from day to night, I also requested light contouring because I have never ever had contouring done and was very curious since it’s all the rage at the moment. I also wanted winged liner of course, there is nothing better than a perfect flick. Β Sounds like a tall order? She happily obliged like it was no thing at all.

Make-up MOB musgrave Durban

lovely Zara at the top left

They use mostly MAC and Krayolan make up at Make-up MOB and I also spotted some Inglot in the mix. It was a hot, humid day in Durban (nothing new) and my face was being particularly oil ridden, so Zara prepped my skin with some MAC Oil Control Lotion.

Make-up MOB Durban MAC oil control lotion

After that she went about her business, we had a good chat and all the ladies in store are so cheerful and friendly, it was like chatting to a bunch of girlfriends. Zara also answered my never ending string of questions about what she was doing and didn’t roll her eyes at me photographing, Snapchatting, tweeting and scrolling through Instagram constantly.

MAC Girl about town on the left and MAC Rebel on the right

MAC Girl about town on the left and MAC Rebel on the right

When my face and eyes were all done, complete with perfect thin winged liner it was time for the lipstick debate. I always wear Red lips when I want to be bold, sure I have been experimenting more and more with bolder, true reds but it still isn’t out of my comfort zone. We agreed I needed something fun and different. Zara was keen on MAC rebel practically the moment I got into her make-up chair. I just didn’t know if the very deep purple hue would suit my skin tone and felt very nervous about it. I let her apply it just to see and was surprised at how flattering it was. The very purple lips were still too much for me to step out with though so Zara worked her magic and layered MAC Girl About Town over Rebel (Girl about town is another MAC lipstick I have been terrified of mind you).


make-up mob musgrave durban

yup, Snapchat shot my selfie addiction into the danger zone you can follow my Snap story: fayinthemaze

The final result really grew on me, as the day went along I got so many compliments on my lipstick shade. I’m so glad I trusted Zara and went bold. I love the final look and my makeup stayed in it’s place well into the night, I got home from the wedding and still looked so good that it was a little painful having to wash it all off. I never touched up at all the entire day. I ate and drank my way through high tea and a Wedding Reception with my lipstick intact, for me that was amazing.

Thank you for the spoil and lovely look Zara and Make-up MOB team, follow them on twitter @Make_upMOB and instagram @make_upmobza.

BWB Meet at Republik


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I finally got around to visiting Republik by way of me sneakily arranging our BWB meet there. Jane mentioned that the Broadway area is being pegged the new Florida road and I can see why. Eateries all within walking distance and a bustling street with restaurants all packed and a great vibe.

Republik Durban

Republik was packed to the max, has a very casual set up and you could tell that everyone was having a great time by the background hum. They very kindly reserved a table for us since not getting a table on a Saturday afternoon is a very real problem. Republik are best known for their burgers, but I gave the battered zucchini fries a go. I expected skinny fries and was a bit disappointed but I love the honey mustard aioli it was served with.

Republik Durban

Republik also sell the infamous Wicked Donuts and now also have The Nutty Housewife Cronuts, both sell out at lightening speed and so I have yet to try the cronuts. I went for Cappuccino and a slice of their bar-one cake. The coffee is so good and the bar one a chunk of rich decadence. My bite of carrot cake from Michelle was pretty damn good too.

Republik Durban

Republik Durban

Expect to wait a while for your grub, so don’t go starving butΒ I’ll definitely be headed back to Republik just for the cool vibe and hopefully coffee and a cronut. Thank you for having us over guys :)

February Favourites of all kinds


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So Faybruary ended but I’m still feeling great and ready to take March by the horns. I’ve decided I am going to start doing the monthly favourites posts except they aren’t restricted to beauty. I will share my favourites in the categories skincare, body products, makeup, food and accessories. I love food and have really been enjoying sharing my cooking, baking and eating escapades on Instagram. It is further fuelled by my food insert on SA Bloggers website, my post this month is all about my Madame Zingara experience and you can read all about that here.

let’s dig in, my favourite product not just this month but this year, so far as far as skincare goes has to be my Vichy BB cream. The high SPF 50 rating and light feel of this is the reason it has been on my face every single day. I use it on regular no make up days (which is usually 6 days a week for me) and even before a jog or any other outdoor activity. Bloody fantastic I tell you.


The body product I have been enjoying in Feb is this Oh So Heavenly Himalayan Pink Salts body lotion. I just love the soft floral scent. Irina gifted me the Himalayan Pink Salts handbag essentials kit in my Xmas bandwagon box and I just loved the scent and feel so much I had to have the body lotion. Before I could even buy it, bam it was in my birthday gift loot :D. It is really light and has the mineral goodness of Himalayan pink salts. Also hot on my products list is Sorbet pump nail polish remover, just because it does the job well and the pump packaging is ultra convenient. Thank you for my first bottle Nicola and Irina for my second.

Makeup has been minimal all month, I love this Clarins Instant Light Complexion perfector so much. It’s the perfect no fuss pick me up for my face, no matter how I use it. It adds a beautiful glow and the pink hue blurs under eye darkenss provided it is minimal. I love me some highlighter and brightening products at the moment. Morgan Taylor polishes are my current favourites because they come in amazing shades and their glitter polishes are something to behold, you can see the Birthday nails I did using MT polish for an accent glitter nail here. Have you seen the Cinderella collection?!

I’ve also been very into red lips all of Feb, trying to go bolder with the colour. This Smooch stick from Rubybox in Red my Mind is a vibrant bright red and goes on so soft and smooth, the colour pay-off is amazing plus it stays putt and dries to a matte finish. Smashbox minis have gotten a lot of face time too, especially the Be Legendary Long-wear lip lacquer in Coral, which is a red toned rusty coral on me and the Full Exposure mascara does a good job of holding curl and adding volume to my lashes. And all my favourite makeup products are being housed in this gorgeous case Amy brought me back from Dubai, I’m crazy for the hot pink.


I have fallen back in love with eating oats. I went off it for a long time and didn’t even want to hear the word oats but we’re back together. I have eaten a different variation of oats for breakfast every single day in Feb. Some of my favourite oat combinations are Peanut Butter oats with honey and cinnamon, chocolate oats, apple cinnamon oats and peanut butter and jam oats. That’s the other thing, I am peanut butter obsessed. I will put crunchy peanut butter on just about anything.

Is this post becoming a discussion of things I’m currently obsessing over? Maybe. I’m okay with that. Midi rings. I mean I cannot get enough, I’ll take a ring on every finger, maybe two thanks. I have always loved wearing rings, they are without a doubt my favourite and most worn accessory. The gold and teal rings also seem to go with everything and pineapple everything obviously, so the pineapple ring from Mr P and pineapple earrings from Legit are serious favs. And then when you combine my ring love with the 90s flashback craze that is flash tattoos, perfection. I also got this beautiful infinity necklace from BFF Amy on my birthday and only take it off to shower and sleep.

Let’s see what new obsessions and favourites March brings! Do you share my love for anything above? Or something you think I will adore and simply have to try? let me know.


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