My scarf collection and storage


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Megan, Jane squared, Inge, Kerry and so many more this one is for you. People have been asking me for months to share how I store my scarves plus share a sneak peek into my collection. I’m no big hijab/ head scarf expert. I just wear it for it to serve it’s purpose, to cover my hair.


Haha I found this quite funny, the image of this Californian girls year book quote went viral! Read about it here:

I do love a cute print though, or a beautiful hue. I like playing around with different styles and fabrics and coordinating my scarves with my outfits. I also try and stick to the one in, one out policy. I don’t want to be a hoarder. At one stage my scarf collection rivaled my shoe and lip product collection, that is just ridiculous. I now bundle up the ones I notice I haven’t been wearing anymore and donate them.


Can you tell I have a leopard print problem, even with scarves. I’ve had to put myself on a leopard print purchase ban.

I have tried many ways of storing my scarves. I tried tying them onto hangers, using the metal scarf organisers and the plastic ones. They don’t work for me. The hangers don’t keep each scarf in it’s place and are such a bother when I’m in a hurry and just want to grab a scarf and run. The metal organisers usually have rough edges, so they end up damaging my delicate scarves. The plastic ones can’t support the weight of everything after some time especially if you have heavier/thicker scarves. I aso tried installing belt rails in my cupboard. Nope. I didn’t like that either.


Them pineapples. You all know I am obsessing over pineapples, still.



I first spotted the type of organiser I now use in plain white at Woolworths, intended for belts. Then I saw these multi coloured versions at China Mall. It is basically metal rings that are wrapped. Being metal they won’t snap and because it is wrapped it doesn’t pull my scarves. I can fit 32 scarves on here. And the hanger top means you can easily hang this up in your closet. I have them organised so that the scarves I wear most often are on one. That goes on a hook behind my room door. Then another with scarves used less frequently and another for occassion scarves, that would be the glittery variety :P


Eastern purple and orange haze, stripes (Woolworths), pink leopard print and jelly beans


There are certain scarves that I will never hang up. These are generally more expensive, delicate and made of soft or super stretchy material. I fear that hanging them will stretch and wear them out. Those I keep folded on a shelf the way you would tshirts.

Latest additions include:


L-R: Mr P, Spree, Island Lily and Blackcherry

this beautiful lemon chiffon Island Lily scarf was sent to me, it is sold as a sarong or beach cover-up. I love the large vibrant flower print. It is also available in mint and cerise.


Black, pink and green large floral print cotton scarf which I received from Spree and 3 toned, blue, brown and beige infinity scarf from Blackcherry that I got at Spice  Goddess event.

This isn’t the entire collection but it hopefully gives you a better idea. I also wanted to show that I don’t necessarily buy my headscarves from Islamic wear stores. I buy them from regular stores, they may not have been intended for the way I use them but if I like a scarf I make it work for me.

Regular readers may find some of these prints oddly familiar, that’s because I sometimes use my scarves as background in blog images :P Now you know.

UPDATE: Will be adding this beaut from It’s a Bling Thing to my collection. It doesn’t hold as many but great way to hang up everyday scarves, or if you have a smaller collection. Also pretty to look at :)


Find them on instagram @itsablingthingsa

Beanies Flavoured Coffee review + win your own Stash Box (CLOSED)


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I spotted Beanies on my twitter timeline a while back and was excited for them to launch in April. With flavours like double chocolate, cinnamon hazelnut and very vanilla they had my attention. The stuff has been flying off the shelves though and I couldn’t seem to get my hands on a bottle. Since then Beanies got in touch and sent over a Stash Box with all 9 Beanies flavours for me to try.


The latest additions to the Beanies SA collection are Gingerbread, Cinder Toffee and Chocolate Orange. Just in time for winter. Beanies has been around since 2009 and I am told they are particularly popular in the UK. Here is SA we have the Beanies Instant Coffee range, after a little digging around I noticed they also sell the Premium ground coffee version. My coffee snob friends will appreciate that.


By looking at the range I was most keen on Cinnamon Hazelnut, because cinnamon everything always wins. After trying the whole lot though, Gingerbread, Very vanilla and Irish cream are my clear favourites. More than once I’ve gone to take a gulp only to realise I’ve already finished the whole mug. Yummy.

Although there were certain flavours I enjoyed less than others (I’m looking at you Amaretto Almond) none of them had a weird artificial taste or after taste. The coffee flavour is also full and not lost beneath the flavour. Best part is they are all sugar and sweetener free and work out to only 2 calories a cup. So there is no guilt involved in this little indulgence.


The Stash Box has been the perfect way to try out all the flavours and find my favourites, unfortunately you can’t pick up a Stash Box in store, yet (hint hint Beanies, coz everyone has been asking me about them) you can buy the 50g jars individually for R40 at any Checkers or Checkers Hyper store. They are the exclusive SA stockists of Beanies. If you really really just want them all, you can win yourself a Stash Box just like mine valued at R360.


Twitter: Win a @Beanies_Flavour Stash Box with @fayinthemaze @CheckersSA #ForwardTheFlavour #CheckersBeanies

Facebook: Comment below the post

You can also enter on Instagram @fayinthemaze by commenting below the image and tagging 3 friends plus #ForwardTheFlavour #CheckersBeanies

Giveaway only open to SA citizens.

– Ends on Friday 29th 2015.
– T’s & C’s apply

Competition is now CLOSED

Macaron Making class with the Madame herself


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I tried making macarons once. It didn’t end well. It was such a fail that I swore I would never make them again. So I got a little nervous when Madame Macaron invited a bunch of us to experience her macaron making class. I felt like I would be the first person in her class to just completely ruin a batch.


decadent cupcakes, brownies and cake pops all made by madame macaron


loved these moist vanilla sponge cupcakes so much, topped with caramel pecan frosting

Thankfully, we didn’t have to actually make any, Viveshni has two types of classes on offer. One where you actually make the goodies yourself, with her assistance and guidance of course, and another where she does a demo and then you get to decorate and take your creations home.



lumo pink macaron batter in the making

I always knew that macarons were iffy to make, there is an art to it. After seeing Viveshni in action I have even more respect for her craft. Ingredients that go into macaron making are expensive, Viveshni also makes sure she uses only the best and freshest ingredienst to ensure that they turn out perfect every time. Once you see and understand this you wouldn’t think of questioning the pricetag that generally accompanies a good macaron.


great job Jane


Erm ya, even with V trying to help me handle the bag I messed it up

By the way, One of Viveshni’s pet peeves is people who call this delicate almond confectionery a ‘macaroon’. With good reason, a macaroon is that baked goody with coconut and a jam glaze. Big difference.

In these classes V shares all her tips and tricks. For example instead of aging your egg whites the (long) old fashioned way, V discovered she could get the same effect by popping them in the microwave for a few seconds. I won’t spill too much, if you are eager to learn and want to know the fixes to your own macaron flops you will have to attend a class. We also got to try our hand at piping perfect batter circles, mine was oval. It is harder than it looks.

There were also giveaways on the night and I won the prize for best tweet, which had something to do with this Ryan Gosling macaron that was covered in chocolate. V had filling flavours galore for us to use and all the sprinkles and toppings to decorate with. Fun and yum!


oh hello there


my final macaron creations

V also has cake and cupcake classes on offer now, if you are keen I have the dates for the year below, for more info, pricing and to book visit her website.

Screenshot (26)

Screenshot (27)


Thanks for the really interesting evening, delicious treats and Teapigs. Looking forward to trying mine out.
FYI If you quote #MMacaronClass when booking you get a 10% discount! Follow @madamemacaronsa on twitter and Instagram.

10 Things you didn’t know about me


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Sandy Nene lost a good few hours of his life reading international blogs, found this tag and decided to take me down with him. He shared his 10 things, most of which I had no idea about, over here and then tagged myself and a few other bloggers. I feel like I already share a lot online and especially if you follow me on all my social media you will catch a lot of my quirks and tit bits.


So here are some things you may or may not know about me.


1. I wear glasses. And I don’t like it one bit. I don’t care how cute the glasses are they are uncomfortable and I always feel like I’m looking out of a tiny window. My eyesight isn’t horrible though, people aren’t blurry or anything without my glasses so a lot of the time I just won’t wear them. When I’m home typing away on this here keyboard I’m in full dork mode though.

2. manual cars are not my friend.

3. I’m the youngest of three children. My brothers are both over 10 years older than I am.

4. My afrikaans is better than my Arabic.

5. I was a 2010 FIFA World Cup Media volunteer. I met so many wonderful people from all over the world and still have contact with some of them.

6. I used to have a hormone imbalance. It affected so many parts of my life for so many years. I got help and it is now a non issue, I no longer have to be on any medication and am happier and healthier than I have ever been.

large (1)

7. I exercise at least 5 days a week. Everyone sees my Instagram feed, the bits I indulge in but not the sweat. Life is all about balance. I know that sometimes launches, events and reviews inevitably mean indulging in the sugary fatty things. That, and I have a rather sweet tooth.
So I stay mindful of what I put into my body the rest of the time and I keep active.

8. I was a mean hockey forward. Be aggressive, b-e aggressive.


9. I was in the choir all through Primary school. I quit because I got tired of choir practice eating into my lunch break. Priorities people.


10.  I like big butts and I cannot lie (Also, I like using lyrics in regular conversation and have a big butt.)

Twitter Blanket drive 2015


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If we could all maybe swap out one Beyonce tweet for #TBD2015 we would be using our social media super powers for good, like superman, except we can’t fly. Twitter Blanket Dive began in 2010 and each year thousands of blankets are collected and distributed to those in need.

TBD2015 LOGO 2015

It all started with a simple tweet by Melanie Minnaar “what if each person on twitter donated a blanket?”. TBD is now a successful National campaign with drives happening in Cape Town, Jozi and durban. So how can you get involved? Use this years official hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to drum up awareness and support #TBD2015.

Encourage your company to get involved in donating and sponsoring. You can also volunteer your company or store as a drop off point during the campaign. If you would like to donate blankets the available drop off point for blankets at the moment is St Clements, 191 Musgrave rd, Durban.

TBD2015 Twitter Cover Page

To get involved in this years drive on the durban end or if you can assist in any way, contact #TBD2015 Durban representative, Fred Felton on or 0769775788. Follow the official TBD twitter page @TBDAfrica for updates.

share show your support and get involved!


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