Essence Be Loud jumbo swatches


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I bought this so long ago, back when it was Cuppa for CANSA. But I misplaced the jumbo sheer stick and clean forgot about it until I saw someone’s instagram picture with the collection.

Anyway I was most interested in the jumbo sheer sticks from the Essence Be Loud collection and the purple polish. After seeing the range in person I knew that the orange toned sheer stick wouldn’t be for me so I picked up the Be Loud jumbo sheer stick in 01 Pink Me and the Be Loud jumbo eye pencil called I’m All Riot.


I also got two polishes from the collection for Michelle and you can view her swatches over here. The purple is beautiful and while the sparkly topper looks amazing in the bottle I don’t think I’d be able to pull it off after seeing it on Michelle’s nails.



Essence Be Loud jumbo sheer stick in Pink Me on my lips

The jumbo sheer stick is my favourite and I wish they had it in more shades. It is soft, moisturising and feels like a thicker lip balm on the lips. One swipe will give you a flattering tint but it can also be layered and built up to a bright shade. And this one in Pink Me smells like a raspberry popsicle.


The jumbo eye pencil only comes in one shade, it is quiet a strange muddy brown and grey colour that reminds me of war paint. I used this as a liner but you could use it all over the lid or as a crease shade.


It can either be coloured on like a crayon or blended out quickly. I feel that the slight shimmer is more apparent when you blend it out.

What do you think? Have you managed to pick up anything from the collection?

See you when I get there


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I don’t generally do personal posts on the blog, it’s my place for happy, beautiful and fun things. I like to keep it light and I don’t want my entire lifes story on the interwebs. But last week we lost my Grandmother and I can’t seem to find my way back to normal. That’s because I cant understand a normal world without her in it.

It all happened too quickly to process. Everyone just kept going, pushing through to do what was necessary. and now the empty space will forever be there. There will always be this gaping hole in our lives. So I need to get back into the swing of life. I guess we have to find a new normal.

Everyone went back to work and just as we tried to settle in we got news of another loss. Too much, too soon. I am not going to make this a long rant about grief and loss, because every one of you reading this has lost somebody. So you all know what I mean and what our family is going through.

I feel so grateful though for all the love and support from friends and family, for the way my family came together to be there for one another, for the way we shared our memories and laughed and cried.

I’m just a girl trying to get back to what I did before it all turned upside down. We love and miss you Nani, but we will see you when we get there, to the place of forever afters, eternal joy and happiness.

I will get back to posting this week but it will probably be irregular, hang in there with me.

GNC launches a concept store in Durban and I’m learning about fitness supplements


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last week I went to meet Chad yo the launch of the new GNC concept store in Gateway. This is the first store in KZN and the fourth store in the country. They offer high-potency vitamins, herbal supplements, slimming products and sports nutrition products. So basically anything you would need to support you in your health and fitness journey.

They have our very own Westville Boys hotshot gold medalist Chad Le Clos on board as an ambassador. And they brought him over to the store to chat to everyone and hang with us. What a guy, I mean yes we all know how pretty he is, but also just generally nice and down to earth.


I know some of you only came for the Chad pics


He smiled and posed a hundred times with Jane and I trying to get the perfect shot on everyone’s phone plus camera. So polite and lovable! And the whole time suffering with his wisdom teeth and still managing to look great in a suit. Beautiful boy indeed.



I have been trying to keep fit and healthy, aside from sorting out any health issues that I had I am set on keeping fit. I have been really enjoying keeping active and of course living on the beach makes it so much easier. I used to be terribly lazy but now all it takes is a look out the window to make me want to move.


Example of a shake MAS talks about below, in Peanut butter guys!

The beauty of it is that the more I moved the more I wanted to. I now exercise at least 3 or 4 times a week. I started out just walking along the promenade. Now I have incorporated resistance and core training plus I’ve amped up the walking to interval running/jogging/walking and taking selfies. Anyway this is a whole other post and if you guys would like to read about what I am doing to keep fit and the changes I’ve made drop me a line.

Sports nutrition supplements were something I only heard about or saw gym bunnies and big buff guys using, so I was afraid of them and what they do. Now I am learning that something like whey protein can be really beneficial in helping you build muscle and tone up. Plus I’m learning all about giving my body the fuel it needs to support my physical activities and choosing the right foods pre and post workout. This is where a brand like GNC comes in. I met someone at the GNC store launch and asked him to settle a few questions.

Muhammed Arshad Saib is a nutritional advisor, personal trainer, body building competitor and now part of the GNC Live Well team. Here is what he had to say:

Me: Who are nutritional products and supplements for?

MAS: For anyone seeking to make a healthy lifestyle change and transform their bodies

Me: When to start supplementing?

MAS: If you want to see the best results from the start, you need optimal supplementation from the start of your journey to a better lifestyle.

Me: Give me an example of Introductory products for the average female on her way to fitness?

MAS: The average female (assuming a healthy diet is already introduced) would need the right combination of vitamins, CLA (body toner), protein powders and meal replacement shakes (for when time is an issue as it usually is) to reach her goals day to day.


Me: Any downside to supplementing?

MAS: You should never forget that a healthy diet is very important and you should stick to the prescribed dosages and directions on the products. Then there should be no downsides.

Me: Also, why GNC as opposed to other brands?

MAS: GNC is all about healthy living and great results. GNC performs 150 checks including, raw materials testing, purity testing, potency testing and expiration date check. I’m not opposed to using other brands, but I believe in GNC as the top brand used around the world. We are very fortunate to have them available all around South Africa, at the moment in Clicks Pharmacy’s and designated GNC stores.
If you want to bother this guy or need GNC product advice hit him up on twitter @Vegitha786 or Facebook

Check out the GNC SA website here and follow them for health and fitness tweets @GNC_SA

Half a Lush Haul and Candy Mountain review


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It happened, we had a lady blogger buddy brunch at Gateway this weekend and sneakily got in a Lush run. It was Jane’s sheer brilliance. I actually took a video of us misbehaving at Lush but stupid idiot me only got it on Snapchat. Doh!


Look at this Jane taking her halo glow everywhere making me look bad

Anyway, the Gateway store only had a fraction of the Christmas Collection and the staff say people have been coming in and buying bulk of the Christmas collection. Jane then got all crazy eyed and scared the crap out of a Lushie over Northern Lights. Michelle and I had to calm her down with some Yog Nog and a bowl of water.

Lots of their stock hasn’t arrived yet so I am patiently awaiting news so that I can go in and finish off what I started. Here is what I managed to get from my Lush Christmas wishlist:

Going clockwise
– Candy mountain bubble bar
– Baked Alaska soap
– Yog Nog soap
– Raindeer Rock soap
– Sunny side bubble bar

I know sunny side is random but I have been wanting to try it, it’s on my other Lush list. Plus it’s all sparkly and made me feel better about not getting most of my wishlist.

Then obviously I had to use Candy Mountain bubble bar the same day, because we cannot wait for tomorrow people, life is short and unpredictable. I split the mountain in two with my sword!

It is a sweet, candy scented wonder. Half the mountain was more than enough to give me my own bubble mountain.


The water wasn’t as pink as I hoped but the bubbles as always, lasted till the finger wrinkled end. I love this bubble bar, I need another.

Are you all Lushed out? Should I stop with these posts now?!

Rain Africa Christmas gift guide + Giveaway


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Everyone is looking for something different or new and interesting to gift their loved ones around now, and even though I do not celebrate Christmas I love all the beautifully packaged things and special offers.

Rain Africa have some great gifting solutions up their sleeve this year. Not only is everything pamper perfect but you will also have peace of mind knowing everything in it is ethical and eco-friendly. I have reviewed a whole bunch of their products on the blog and continue to purchase them on my own and include them in my daily routine.

Treat Your Feet hamper R430

Rain Africa Christmas gifting

90ml Foot Scrub
100g Foot Soak
90ml Foot Cream
Foot Soap
Foot Pumice
Handmade Foot

Bee Essential Remedies Consol R325

rain africa christmas gifting

80g Honey and Buttermilk 100% natural Olive Oil Soap
10g Lip Balm
60g Gardener’s Hand Salve
40g Body Polish
40g Royal Jelly and Honey Hand Lotion

Biologie Consol Jar R295

50g Peppermint Foot Soak
30g Pulse Point Balm
60ml Hand Lotion
50ml All natural shampoo
50ml All natural conditioner
50ml Facial Rehydrater

Christmas Lucky Packets R100

rain africa christmas gifting

A special Christmas surprise with amazing added value.
Limited edition hamper contains
A large gift luxury soap,  A scented drawer sachet,
And bath salts

Christmas Swazi Baskets

rain africa christmas gifting

Beautifully hand crafted baskets, available in red and brown.
Basket retailing at R195 (Contents excluded)

All of these are exclusive to the Christmas season and will be available for a limited time.

Aaand I have the Biologie Consol Jar to give away to one of you lucky people.
The jar has some of my Rain favourites including the Facial Rehydrater which is perfect to pop into your handbag for summer.

Here’s what you need to do:
– follow @fayinthemaze and @rain_africa on twitter and Instagram
– tweet us “Hey @fayinthemaze and @rain_africa please send me a Biologie jar of xmas cheer  #FayRainGiveaway “
– regram the competition image on Instagram
– like my Facebook page and share the post publicly

You can do just one step or all of them! As many times as you like. Make some noise. Competition open to South African residents only and ends on Friday 21st November. Good Luck!

You will find the Rain KZN Store in Gateway Umhlanga, for more stockist and details visit the website here.

*** The competition is now CLOSED
And the winner is @madamemacaronsa Congratulations!


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