Restaurant review: Mo-Zam-Bik Gateway


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I headed over to Mo-Zam-Bik Gateway for the first time on Wednesday night. My first time at any Mo-Zam-Bik actually! The restaurant is Portuguese themed, rustic and homely. There are no fancy decorative items or linen on the tables. It is all kept quite simple and reminds you of a beach


Gangs of Ballet serenading a lucky lady who was celebrating her birthday

The 4th leg of Celebrity Chef Showdown was being held between Gangs of Ballet and Rosie Motene. During any of the Celebrity Chef Showdowns the food that is prepared is from the original restaurant menu. I chose to go with the Gangs of Ballet menu since it was all seafood. We had a grilled calamari starter with either lemon garlic butter or peri peri sauce, I went for the latter.


The calamari was perfectly tender and such a generous portion, served with a fresh Portuguese roll to mop up the delicious sauce. Next was the grilled Dorado main in either lemon and herb, peri peri or zambeziana sauce which is their signature and a mix of coconut and chilli. Heat seeker that I am I went for peri peri again. You could choose to have your fish accompanied by either arroz de coco (a coconut rice), fries, Mediterranean vegetables or a side salad.


I chose Mediterranean veg, while my friend amy went for the lemon and herb sauce with arroz de coco so that we could try each others. Both were equally scrumptious. Again the portion was huge, a thick cut of fish drenched in sauce with a healthy portion of veg/rice. The Dorado was succulent and flaking, the veg crisp and flavouful. I’m drooling just writing about it. I regret not trying the zambeziana sauce, if you go in do try the signature sauce as well as arroz de coco, it was fragrant with a slight coconut taste and so light.


Dessert was a sweet toothed treat of chocolate rissoles. Three plump, crispy moons filled generously with bar one chocolate and served with chocolate topped ice cream. What a way to end a perfect meal. I wish I had the space for every morsel, nothing deserved to be left behind. Go to Mo-Zam-Bik hungry! And stop licking the screen :P

I’ll be going back for more of their seafood and Portuguese flair. I loved how at home I felt and the no frills approach with all focus on the food.

Celebrity Chef Showdown offers a chance to try a new restaurant and is great value for money in my opinion. The meal above for R180 is well worth it. If you’d like more info on the Showdown you can read about it here. There is one more evening left, at Café Limone, before the final at Beluga with all 5 winners.

IBV Supercar Parade will attemp to break a world record this weekend


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This Sunday in Durban, International Bank Vaults (IBV) and Gateway have partnered up for a Supercar Club Charity Parade. 200 orphaned and underprivileged kids will be given a ride of a lifetime in a supercar and enjoy a day filled with adventure.

The parade will begin at Pavilion Hotel and end at Palm Boulevard, Gateway Umhlanga. The IBV Supercar Charity Parade will be a world first and will be validated by Guinness World Book of Records.

The aim is to raise R1 million through the parade of 200 supercars down North Beach. All supercar owners in Durban are asked to meet at Pavilion Hotel at 8am to donate their time.

All money raised will benefit Children’s VIP Day, The Sunflower Fund, UNICEF and Child Welfare SA. The parade will be escorted by Harley Davidson and Ducati bikers. Make sure you’re on either end to view this spectacle.

Pond’s Flawless Radiance range reviews


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Seems like it’s skincare week on the blog. I received the complete Flawless Radiance range in the 7 day challenge box I got from Shahnaz Loves Beauty. The only Pond’s Flawless Radiance product I used prior to this was the Pond’s BB Cream. The Pond’s Flawless Radiance range key ingredient is niacidamide. That’s because the whole ramge is designed to target dark marks and blemishes.

I’ve been testing the Flawless Radiance facial foam, even tone serum, daily lotion and under eye cream for about a month now, let’s get into my thoughts on the products


Facial foam (R54.99)
This comes out a thick light pink cream paste. It foams up a lot and contains tiny beads to give you a bit of exfoliation. This cleanser removes makeup quite well and gives a good clean down without that tight stripped feeling. However the little beads do nothing for me, they are too small and not abrasive enough. If you prefer a really gentle scrub or have ultra sensitive skin it may befor you.

At the beginning I did experience a slight burning sensation after washing, but I don’t experience that anymore. I’m not sure what caused it. All in all a good enough and super affordable cleanser.

Serum (R94.99)
This has been my favourite. A light silicone feeling serum that smoothes on like a dream. It also packs the biggest niacinamide punch of the lot. I used this twice a day and I’m very impressed with it.

If you have oily/combination skin like I do it will add a tad to shiny/greasy noses during the day but I loved using it anyway because I saw results. Nothing my blotting tissues couldn’t handle, but if this bothers you just use it at night. I didnt have tons of dark spots or blemishes but the few I did have are now completely gone.

I love the packaging, the silver makes it all fancy looking, plus it has a pump, I used one pump for my face and one pump for my neck. I’m going to keep using this and get one for mum too.


The smidge on the left is facial foam, then top to bottom it's serum, daily lotion and eye cream

Daily Lotion (R84.99)
This is intended for normal to dry skin but we get on just fine. It is a light runny texture, also in a pump, that covers my neck and face with two pumps and disappears into my skin in seconds. This is an ideal affordable moisturiser and also has a healthy dose of blemish busting niacinamide.

I’d like to give the UV cream spf 15 a try next. Hopefully it is everything the daily lotion is with the added help of spf.

Under eye cream (R64.99)
I’m not a huge fan of eye cream. I used both the serum and daily lotion around my eye area as well but I gave this a go anyway. It is meant to be “light infusing” to brighten up your eye area. There is ever so slight a glow when you apply this but nothing major.

This isn’t a usual thick eye cream though. It is similar in texture to the daily lotion. Super thin and runny, this makes it easy to apply and non greasy.

My mum has been using Pond’s Flawless Radiance Day and Night cream (R84.99 each). I believe she’s on her second tubs of each. The Day cream is more of a vanishing cream, so it can feel quite dry. To combat that I advised her to mix it with her sunscreen.


She is so impressed with both products and the difference they’ve made to her skin. I can see the difference too, there’s no denying that her skin is more radiant and even, a lot of her dark spots have either disappeared completely or faded. She is complemented on her skin all the time now, much to her delight being in her 50s. And she hadnt been using the entire range, just those two products. 

Since the whole range contains niacidamide in different amounts it is of paramount importance that you wear a good sunscreen, or else you’ll be undoing all benefits. What do you think? Have you tried or will you be purchasing any of these?

Kanebo Sensai skincare reviews


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A while ago Blogging Addict had a competition where Durban bloggers could win a Sensai Kanebo consultation and samples. I was lucky enough to be one of them. I’ve used up my (generous) samples and this is what I thought.

Sensai is a luxury Japanese skincare brand. The signature ingredient in Koishimura Silk which is said to promote the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid at the epidermal layer thus keeping it hydrated. The whole system of application of the products is also special, it is a skincate ritual called Saho. The ritual doubles up on cleansing and moisturising and there is a type of face massage to perform when applying the moisturising products.


This is how the Lotion and Emulsion should be applied

I quite enjoyed the ritual, it is really calming and relaxing and also makes you really pay attention to what you’re doing and not just slap it all on in a hurry. I received the Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm, Silky Purifying Mud Soap, Silky Purifying Silk Peeling Powder, Cellular Performance Lotion, Cellular Performance Emulsion and Silky Purifying Gentle Makeup Remover for eye & lip. I used everything for a week and a half.


Okay it begins with cleansing, there are 5 options to choose from in different forms. I was given the balm.


Mud soap at the top, cleansing balm at the bottom

Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm:
Step one of the Sensai routine is using an oil based cleanser to remove makeup and impurities. This is a thick white cream type formula that once lathered becomes a clear oil. It is average at removing make up but I did enjoy the luxurious feeling of it on my skin, it also smells amazing. I do appreciate the double cleansing process, I learned it with Dermalogica products, but I wouldn’t at R.

Silky Purifying Mud Soap:


R690 for 125ml

With step two of the double cleanse you have 4 choices.
This was my favourite product of the lot. It is a dark grey thick cream that has to be lathered really well into a dense foam. You need a pea sized amount and I just loved how my skin looked and felt when using this.

It looked visibly cleaner, with a radiance and still felt comfortable and not stripped. I also used it once as a mask and was very happy with the results, my skin glowed and just looked all around healthy. This mud soap is a repurchase for me.

Silky Purifying Silk Peeling Powder


A vile of powder that looks like Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, except rougher and with blue flecks in it. This is an enzyme exfoliator and I expected to be wowed but I wasn’t. I would definitely go for the Silk Peeling Mask instead, which will have more time on the skin, has enzymes as well as a bunch of Koishimura Silk, my next splurge!

Cellular Performance Lotion II – moist


Emulsion at the top and Lotion at the bottom

This is a thin, light liquid that could be mistaken for toner. You apply it with your hands using the Saho application method. As I mention before, I find this part of thevskincare routine really enjoyable, it makes you feel like you’re giving yourself a treat every morning.
There is also a version called ‘light’ instead of moist which would be better suited to my combination skin, ‘moist’ is for normal to dry skin. The lotion is not sticky at all and more like water.

Cellular Performance Emulsion – moist


Lotion: R870 for 125ml and Emulsion: R1075 for 100ml

This is the second part of double moisturising. It is a thin runny cream, again ‘moist’ wasn’t ideal for my skin type, so while I enjoyed applying the moisturising steps at the end of the week my skin was oily and shiny by 10am. Sad face. These two would probably be amazingly hydrating for someone like my mum who has normal but mature skin.

Silky Purifying Gentle Makeup Remover

I put this through its paces with liquid liner, gel liner and waterproof mascara. It removed like a champ but was still gentle enough not to make my eyes itch or burn.

This is definitely a luxury, high end brand but if your budget allows the mud soap, lotion, emulsion and peeling mask are what I would splurge on. I’m sure there are many more amazing products in the range that I’ve yet to try.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Good Food & Wine Show 2014


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I have attended GF&WS every single year ever since I can remember. It is that event on the Durban calender I look forward to and clear my weekend for. It’s foodie heaven, filled with local and international deliciousness and a chance to catch some of our favourite chefs in action. Attending just one day isn’t enough for me, there is just so much to see and experience. You can read about all the great fun I had at last year’s GF&WS here as well as my little chat with the glorious Ms Cupcake who came to Durban for last year’s show here


Clockwise; Hayden Quinn, Soba, Sanjeev Kapoor and Mauro

This year there are some GF&WS favourites as well as new exciting additions. Celebrity Chef Theatre is back, this is a great way to watch your favourite chef preparing meals before your eyes instead of through the telly. Below is a list of who’ll be included in the line up, with a few more surprises in store. As soon as more names have been announced I’ll fill you all in.
– Hayden Quinn from Hayden Quinn in South Africa on SABC3
– Author and TV personality Sanjeev Kapoor
– Mauro Castano, Buddy Valastro’s right hand man (and brother in law)
– Reza Mahammad of Food Network
– Siba Mtongana of Siba’s Table as well as Chopped SA judge
– Masterchef SA judge Benny Masekwameng
– the giggling gourmet Jenny Morris

I’m really excited that this year there will be a section called World of Halaal. Halaal food is often under catered for at events and GF&WS has decided to allocate an area of the show to showcase everything halaal. I can’t wait!

There will also be a Sweet Treats Theatre, for the budding pastry chefs. The theatre aims to show kids how to have a great time with baking. There will be cupcake decorating and interactive stations.

Also new at GF&WS, an Oprah style talk show with SABC3 putting local celebs in the hot seat, while we all get to hear the inside scoop first hand. Local and international celeb chefs will also be put on the spot.


Some of the pictures I took last year

This is all honestly just the icing on the cake, there is so much more to devour and indulge in. Every year GF&WS gives me priceless memories.
When: 24-26 October 2014
Where: Durban exhibition centre
Cost: R80 on sale at Computicket
You can also read about show times and schedules here.

September Special!
Here’s how:
Go to the Good Food & Wine Show event on
1. Click on the Chef of your choice
3. Select the number of tickets you wish to buy
4. Proceed to pay


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